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The Artwork My overall style is Contemporary Impressionism. Contemporary Impressionism is a very broad category, which basically includes, any work or body of work done in a realistic or representational style. Works need not portray every blade of grass to capture the spirit of the subject. What you leave out can be just as important as what you put in.  
About Giclee Prints Giclee, a French term meaning "a spray of ink,” pronounced zhee-clay is an IRIS printer process.  The IRIS printer is a sophisticated digital printer used for fine art.  Digital printmaking has earned its reputation as one of the most creative mediums available to today's working artists. Its capabilities of range and responsiveness are virtually unparallel in the fine art world. The prints it produces are well known for their color and brilliance.
Gerard Radke Contemporary Impressionist PoliceArtist.com
 New release:   “Chance of Snow”
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Contemporary Impressionist                                      Gerard Radke